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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unfinished & Morgana

This one shall remain unfinished forever. I had something entirely different in my mind when I was painting, and completely failed to capture it. Maybe next time I'll be more successful :P

The piece below is a sketch of Morgana from League of Legends, my current video game obsession.


Agustin said...

Oh please finish it! It's amazing, she's so pretty, and I'm in love with the colours (...yeah, not the first time lol). It looks so nitid and realistic, so jealous!

Smite Thee With Apples said...

A pity that it wasn't what you wanted. It looks like it would have looked great finished.

Sevilla, Gaston John said...

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Sir Jimothy said...
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Anonymous said...

Love your Morgana, very nice!
I too am addicted to LOL, but as the hapless Corki. Great work as always.

Preston Farr said...

simply beautiful work. I stumbled across your morgana speedpaint on youtube. Simply wanted to give you kudos and was pleasantly suprised. I looked through the rest of your blog/gallery as well~ very impressive stuff! Keep it up
From your fellow illustrator

Jazzy said...

Absolutely stunning! It's a pity you're not going to finish the purple piece, I think it would have been beautiful :) Morgana looks awesome - I'm so jealous of your use of colour! <3

Thiago said...

You Morganna is just amazing!

ladodgers3327 said...

Just went 56/1/37 with Morgana

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